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Finding Sources on Italian Culture

Sometimes locating research in our databases on Italian culture can be difficult. This is primarily because our databases and the sources they contain are primarily published in the US and have a focus on the US. But it can be done!


  1. Start with a search that is only on your topic (excluding the Italy part). So, "divorce rate" for instance.
    • This will let you see if you are working with a lot of possible sources. Some databases might have nothing on "divorce rate" even in the US and a test search will show that and let you know that you can move on.
  2. Add to your first search "Italy" or "Italian"
    • This should substantially narrow your results. But, you will still have things that aren't really about Italy but instead they just mention it.
  3. If you still aren't finding enough sources but have found something useful:
    • Skim through the article you have found for additional terms to narrow your search. These terms might include names of regions in Italy, Italian politicians or other public figures.
  4. If you're still feeling stuck, contact a librarian!

Credo Reference

Credo Reference

Encyclopedias - Dictionaries - Atlases

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Great for exploring topics and getting overview information that will help you search later.

International Coverage from Newspapers

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You can find a lot of coverage of Italy through major newspapers. ProQuest is the library's primary source for newspapers.

Additional Sources

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Journal Articles

We have many different databases. Different ones are better for different topics. You can browse databases by subject.