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Read the file linked below to prepare to use The Community Guide.

Key Journals in PH

Identify Medical Search Terms: MeSH Subjects

What are the steps to finding the full text of an article at SFU?

If you just have a citation for an article, it is best to...

1. Search Discover...

This will be the quickest way to find the article and request it.  


2. Follow all possible links that may lead you to the full text. Examples may appear as :
  • Find full text.

  • Full-Text PDF

  • Find a copy in another resource that your library has access to.

  • Search for Full Text by following links like these:

         Full Text             

3. If you cannot find it in Discover...

Never buy an article!

If you are in a database or Discover, "Select Request through ILL" > login with your university login and password > select "Submit"


Manually request and retrieve your article through ...

Identify Peer-Reviewed Journals

look for the   referee shirt.