Health Science Apps

Links to apps and mobile websites in the health sciences that can be added to your own device through links to iTunes or Google Play (Android).

Android Key

All apps are free except where indicated by a $.
Titles link to the Google Play description page or website to bookmark.

The resources listed are those placed on the iPads purchased for implementation of a grant with Nursing during the 13-14 Academic Year.

Android AIDS

Android Anatomy

Android Assessment


Android Asthma

Android Cancer

Android Carbohydrates

Android Concussion

Android Condition

Android Consumer Health

Android Diabetes

Android Diagnosis

Android Diet

Android Disaster Relief

Android Disease

Android Drugs


Android Education

Android Emergency Response

Android Environment

Android Evidence-Based Medicine

Android Female

Android Genetics

Android Geriatrics

Android Growth

Android Health Monitor


Android Health Promotion

Android Health Statistics

Android Healthy Eating

Android Influenza

Android Language

Android Male

Android Medical Coding

Android Medical eBooks

Android Medical Literature

Android Medical News

Android Medical Reference

Android Nutrition

Android Orthopaedics

Android Patient Communication

Android Pregnancy

Android Preventative

Android Prognosis

Android Radiology

Android Rash Identification

Android Spanish

Android Toxic Substances / Hazards

Android Treatment

Android Weather