John Larmett Watergate Collection

Collection donated by Saint Francis College graduate John Larmett.

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John Larmett Watergate Collection

John Larmett (Class of 1971) was a legislative assistant to U. S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) from 1972-74.   He donated these items to Saint Francis University in 2017.

Collection includes some complete copies of the popular magazines Time and Newsweek as well as various United States government publications of the hearings and reports of the impeach of President Richard M. Nixon.  Tabs to the left contain links to the bibliographic records.   The items are available for in-house use only.   Select the Request Item button and library staff will notify you when the item is available for you to use.

Time cover April 1974    Newsweek Cover 1974    government report nixon impeachment