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SFU Faculty Publications

Faley, Roland J.

Farabaugh, Pat

  • The Rochester Royals' Maurice Stokes : Kodak City's (and the NBA's) first black basketball star, Rochester History, vol.76, no.1, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F2192

Fitzgerald, Patricia I.

  • Estimation of active cell mass in the human lower leg : feasibility of a regional ⁴₀K systemInternational journal of body composition research, vol. 5, no. 4, 2007 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F5543a
  • Identification of signs and symptoms of acute exertional rhabdomyolysis in athletes :  a guide for the practitioner, Strength and Conditioning Journal, vol. 29, no. 1, Feb. 2007 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F5543

Flaisher-Grinberg, Shlomit

  • Emotional regulatory function of Receptor Interacting Protein 140 revealed in the ventromedial hypothalamusBrain, Behavior, and Immunity, vol.40, August 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576b
  • Facilitating Students' Learning Outcomes Via the Training of Shelter Dogs, Society for the Teaching of Psychology, May 2021 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576h
  • For the Love of Dogs! Creating an Academia-Community Partnership to Target a Mutual GoalImpact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, vol. 9, no. 1, 2020 -- TCA378.91 F143 F576e
  • Mood stabilizing effects of rapamycin and its analog temsirolimus: relevance to autophagy, Behavioral Pharmacology,  vol. 29, 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576c
  • Neuroscience Ambassadors: Creating a Network of Academia-Community PartnershipsJournal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, vol. 21, no. 1, Fall 2021 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576g
  • Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks: Using the Academic Classroom to Improve the Adoption Outcomes of Ten Shelter DogsThe Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, vol. 1, no. 1-15, 2020 -- TCA378.91 F143 F576f
  • Partial effects of the AMPAkine CX717 in strain specific battery of tests for manic-like behavior in black Swiss micePharmacological Reports, vol.67, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576a
  • Proposing the Sweet Solution Preference Test as a Screening Assay for Antimanic Effects of Mood Stabilizers, Journal of Neuroscientific Methods, vol. 346, no. 1, 2020 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576d
  • Shelter Dogs Go to CollegeThe IAABC Journal, Winter 2020 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576i
  • Stress-induced epigenetic regulation of k-opiod receptor gene involves transcription factor c-MycProceedings of the National Academy of Science, vol. 109, no. 23, June 2012 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F576

Forst, Kimberly

Motivational factors of student nurse athletes attributing to academic success. Nurse Educator, vol. 42, no. 6, 2017 -- TCA 378.91 F143 F733

Ginocchio, Charles V.

Gonda, Eugene

  • Ferrero und die Krise des 20. JahrhundertsAussen politik, Nov. 1958 -- TCA 378.91 F143 G636
  • Guglielmo Ferrero und das problem der modernen gewaltAussen politik, Oct. 1958 -- TCA 378.91 F143 G636a
  • Mitteleuropa und die geschichte amerikasAussen politik, Nov. 1961 -- TCA 378.91 F143 G636b
  • L'unite allemand et le probleme danubienSuisse contemporaine, Oct. 1944 -- TCA 378.91 F143 G636c
  • Why didn't World War I end in 1917?, Hungarian Quarterly, vol. 4, no. 1/2, Jan.-Apr. 1963  -- TCA 378.91 F143 G636d

Grosik, Laurie

  • Using Facebook and Skype for Marital Communication During American Military Deployment:  A Uses and Gratifications PerspectiveThe Electronic Journal of Communication, vol. 3, 2016 -- TCA 378.91 F143 G8778

Hargittai, Balazs

Hargittai, Michele

  • Expanding the proteome of an RNA virus by phosphorylation of an intrinsically disordered viral protein, Journal of Biological Chemistry, v. 289, no. 35, August 29, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 H2792

Hoffman, Renee

Building a curriculum materials center from the ground up: a practical approach, College & Research Libraries News, vol. 79,  no.9, October 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 H6991

Hu, Shuzhao