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SFU Faculty Publications

Julin, Grant

Satire in a multi-cultural world: a Bakhtinian analysis, Comedy Studies online, 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 J945

Kagarise, Melissa

  • Glycemic index & overweight children, Physician assistants, v. 18, no. 3, March 2010 -- TCA  378.91 F143 K119

King, Sara B.

  • Author response to: military social influence in the global information environment, Analyses of social issues and public policy, v. 11, issue 1, 2011 -- TCA 378.91 F143 K544a
  • PSYOP and persuasion : applying social psychology and becoming an informed citizen,  Teaching of psychology, v. 31, no. 1, Winter 2004 -- TCA 378.91 F143 K544

Kingston, Rebecca

LaBuz, Brendon

  • New version of homotopical hausdorff, Topology proceedings, v. 42, 2013 --  TCA 378.91 F143 L127

Lammon, Katherine R.

LeMoine, Jennifer K.

  • Impact of sex and chronic resistance training on human patellar tendon dry mass, collagen content, and collagen cross-linking,  American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology, v.296, Jan. 2009 -- TCA 378.91 F143 L555a
  • Muscle proteins during 60-day bedrest in women : impact of exercise or nutrition,  Muscle nerve, v.39, April 2009 -- TCA 378.91 F143 L555

Lieb Cammarata, Jessica

  • Factors in Successful Humanities Integration: A Case Study of One Physical Therapist Education ProgramJournal of Physical Therapy Education, vol. 34, no. 4, 2020 -- TCA 378.91 F143 C184

Long, Celestine James

Lynch, Mark

  • Research training, institutional support, and self-efficacy : their impact on research activity of social workersAdvances in Social Work, v. 10, no. 2, Fall 2009 -- TCA 378.91 F143 L9876a
  • Rural outreach chemistry for kids (R.O.C.K.) : the program and its evaluation​, Journal of higher education outreach and engagement, v. 10, no. 3, Spring/Summer  2005 --  TCA 378.91 F143 L9876