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SFU Faculty Publications

Remillard, Arthur

  • Between Faith and fistic battles : moralists, enthusiasts and the idea of Jack Johnson in the New South,  Perspectives in religious studies, vol. 39, no. 3, Fall 2012 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R387
  • From prizefights to praying colonels: Civil religion, sports, and new(ish) direction for the lost cause, Journal of Southern Religion, vol. 17, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R387a

Remillard, Katherine S.

  • Developing Professionals: Preservice Teachers' Knowledge, Comfort, and Beliefs in Elementary Mathematics Education Family EngagementSchool Community Journal, vol. 32, no. 1, 2022 -- TCA 378.91 F143 M714a

Remillard, Vincent

Resconich, Emil C.

Resick, Lenore K.

  • Capturing Student Transformation From a Global Service-Learning Experience: The Efficacy of Photo-Elicitation as a Qualitative Research Method Journal of Nursing Education, vol. 54, No. 9, Supplement 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334
  • Developing Curriculum Recommendations for Environmental Health in Nursing Nurse Educator, vol.40, no. 3, 2015 --TCA 378.91 F143 R4334a
  • The Lived Experience of COVID-19, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 2021 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334g
  • The Meaning of Health Among Midlife Russian-Speaking Women Journal of Nursing Scholarship, vol. 40, no. 3, 2008 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334b
  • Moving from Illness-Centered Care to Wellness-Centered Care in Undergraduate Nursing Education Pennsylvania Nurse, vol. 72, no. 1, 2017 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334c
  • Overview of Nurse-Managed Wellness Centers and Wellness Programs Integrated Into Nurse-Managed Primary Care Clinics Nurse-Led Health Clinics: Operations, Policy, & Opportunities, 2015 --TCA 378.91 F143 R4334d
  • Unconventional natural gas development and nursing Environmental Health in Nursing, 2016 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334 e
  • The Value of Dialogue When Planning and Conducting Phenomenological Research: Reflections of a Dissertation Chair and Doctoral Student Nursing Research Using Phenomenology: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R4334f

Rhodes, Kelly

Ross-Stewart, Lindsay

  • A narrative review of the relationships among imagery, exercise, and self-efficacy,  Journal of imagery research in sport and physical activity [electronic resource],  vol. 5, issue 1, Article 4, 2010 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R826

Ruggiero, John

  • Polish Campaign 1939 politics - society - cultureWarsaw, October 16-17, 2009 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R931a
  • The social mood in Great Britain in 1939 (Neville Chamberlain, public opinion and the beginning of the Second World War)Polish Campaign 1939: politics, society, culture,  a book of abstracts prepared for [the] International Conference in commemoration of the 70th anniversary [of] the Polish Campaign of 1939 -- TCA 378.91 F143 R931

Ruzhitskaya, Lanika

Serotkin, Patricia B.

  • The effectiveness of ten years of values education : a case study of a small, private comprehensive institution, International journal of learning, vol. 12, no. 9, 2005/2006 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S4866
  • If we build it, will they come?: electronic journals acceptance and usage patternsPortal: Libraries and the Academy, vol. 5, no. 4, Oct. 2005 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S4866a

Shahkarami, Alireza

  • Horizontal well spacing and hydraulic fracturing design optimatization:  A case study on Utica-Point Pleasant Shale PlayJournal of Sustainable Energy, vol. 5, no. 2, July 2017 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S5525a
  • Modeling pressure and saturation distribution in a CO2 storage project using a surrogate reservoir model (SRM)Greenhouse Gases Science and Technology, vol. 4, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S5259

Shaw, Mary Ann

Shuster, Bud

Siegle, Bernard Andrew

Simon, Albert

Snyder, Justin

  • Book Review of McNally, Richard J. What is Mental Illness?Medical Sociology online, vol. 6, issue 2, May 2012 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S6754

Strosnider, William

  • Analisis del co-tratameinto pasivo de aguas residuales municipales y drenaje acido de minas en Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia = Analysis on munincipal wastewater and acid mine drainage passive co-treatment at Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia Advances en Ciencias e Ingenieria, vol. 6 no. 2, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924l
  • ‚ÄčAssessing domestic water quality in Belen municipality, Iquitos, PeruJournal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 04.3, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924d
  • Carbon dioxide dynamics and sequestration in mine water and wasteMine Water and the Environment, vol. 34, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924k
  • Co-treatment of acid mine drainage with municipal wastewater : a promising new approach Reclamation matters, Fall 2012 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924
  • Energy and carbon footprint analysis of the construction of passive and active treatment systems for net alkaline mine drainageMine Water and the Environment, vol. 34, 2015  -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924j
  • Evaluating locally available organic substrates for vertical flow passive treatment cells at Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia Environmental Earth Science,  vol. 72, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924e
  • Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition of karst waters with and without acid mine drainage: impacts at SW China coalfieldScience of the Total Environment, vol. 478, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924f
  • Impacto en alfuentes del rio Pilcomayo por cantaminantes adicionales de drenaje acido de minas desde Cerro Rico, Potosi-Bolivia = Impact of additionals contaminants due to acid mine drainage in tributaries of the Pilcomayo River from Cerro Rico, Potosi, BoliviaAvances en Ciencias e Ingenieria, vol. 5, no. 3, July-September, 2014 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924g
  • Novel passive co-treatment of acid mine drainage and municipal wastewaterJournal of environmental quality, vol. 40, 2011 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924a
  • Passive co-treatment of Zn-rich acid mine drainage and raw municipal wastewaterJournal of Geochemical Exploration, vol. 125, 2013 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924c
  • Possible health effects of living in proximity to mining sites near Potosi, BoliviaOccupational and Environmental Medicine, vol. 57, no. 5, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924i
  • Removal of less commonly addresses metals via passive cotreatmentJournal of Environmental Quality, vol. 44, 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924h
  • Unabated acid mine drainage from Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia: uncommon constituents of conern impact the Rio Pilcomayo headwaters, Environmental Earth Science, August 2013 -- TCA 378.91 F143 S924b

Tasker, Travis

Accuracy of methods for reporting inorganic element concentrations and radioactivity in oil and gas wastewaters from the Appalachian Basin, U.S.  base on an inter-laboratory comparison, Environmental Science Processes & Impacts, 2019 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T198c

Applications of thermal desorption coupled to comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry for hydrocarbon fingerprinting of hydraulically fractured shale rocks, Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1579, 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T198b

Environmental and human health impacts of spreading oil and gas wastewater on roads, Environmental Science & Technology, vol. 52, 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T198a

Radium attenuation and mobilization in stream sediments following oil and gas wastewater disposal in western Pennsylvania, Applied Geochemistry, vol. 98, 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T198


Thomas, Brennan M

  • Reaching out, writing together : program initiatives in writing exam preparation, Southern Discourse, vol. 17, issue 1, Fall 2012 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T4548

Timmons, Edward

  • Barriers to mobility:  Understanding the relationship between growth in occupational licensing and economic mobilityArchbridge Institute Lifting Barriers, Lifting Lives, November 2017 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T5847b
  • Bringing the effects of occupational licensing into focus: Optician licensing in the United StatesWorking Paper, February 2015 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T5847a
  • Estimating the Effect of New Jersey's 2005 Administrative Nurse Mandate on  Mortality and Hospitalizations for Medicare Hemodialysis PatientsSemin Dial, vol. 33, 2020 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T5847d
  • Occupational licensing: keeping people poor, Texas Public Policy Foundation, October 2018 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T5847c
  • Unionization and occupational licensing : similarities and differences : the de-licensing of occupations in the United StatesLERA 65th Annual Proceedings, 2013 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T5847

Tobin, Margaret M.

Tonkin, Kent

  • It IS Who You Know: The Power of Supervisors in Awarding and Administering Bereavement Leave, OMEGA: Journal of death and dying, 2022 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T665
  • The Effects of Practical Considerations of Grief in the Workplace - Dissertation manuscript submitted to Northcentral University, October 2021 -- TCA 378.91 M56

Trimble, John J.

  • Enzymes responsible for chlorate reduction by Pseudomonas sp. are differenct from those used for perchlorate reduction by Azospira sp., FEMS microbiology letters, vol. 247, 2005 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T831

Trofino, Rita

  • Relationship of associate degree nursing program criteria with NCLEX-RN success: what are the best predictors in a nursing program of passing the NCLEX-RN the first time?,  Teaching and learning in nursing, vol. 8, no. 1, January 2013 -- TCA 378.91 F143 T843