Women and War: On the Home Front and the Front Lines

This guide contains books that look at the role of women during wartime at home and in the midst of battle.

Women and the American Revolution

Women and the American Civil War

When Sherman came : Southern women and the "Great March" by Katherine M. Jones

Published in 1964

Call number:  973.737 J77


She rode with the generals : the true and incredible story of Sarah Emma Seelye, alias Franklin Thompson by Sylvia Dannett

Published in 1960

Call number:   973.781 D18

Women and World War I

Women and war work by Helen Fraser

Published in 1918


Mobilizing woman-power by Harriot Stanton Blatch

Published in 1918


Ruth Fielding at the war front, or, The hunt for the lost soldier by Alice B. Emerson

Published in 1918


Women and World War II

Women and the Vietnam War

Women and War - To the Present Day